Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Good Day to Die (Dennis Milne, #2)A Good Day to Die by Simon Kernick
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Simon Kernick delivered another "non-stop action page turner" in "A Good Day To Die". It features sloppy writing, stilted dialogue, and one of the most moronic endings I have ever been subjected to endure. My fifth Kernick's novel is close to the bottom of the thrillers heap. I just cannot believe this "novel" was written by the same author who wrote the great "The Business of Dying". It even has the same protagonist, the famed Dennis Milne, the guy with the unusual gift of being able to use the last remains of his strength to regain full strength. Dennis Milne is an ex-cop who is now a contract killer who kills only bad guys, and between killings he makes sure that no harm is done to a dog.

In "Acknowledgements" to the book Mr. Kernick writes "See how this sells". I hope this product did not sell well.

One star.

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