Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fare for gjentakelseFare for gjentakelse by Chris Tvedt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Chris Tvedt's "Fare for gjentakelse" (according to Google the English translation of the Norwegian title would be "Risk of Recurrence") is a good legal thriller. It is the second novel in the Mikael Brenne series.

Mikael Brenne is a defense lawyer and here he gets to defend a client accused of vicious and gruesome rape and murder of a girl. The story just begins there and the plot moves extremely fast, rich in the so-called "twists and turns". It seems quite improbable - but that's OK for a thriller, I guess. Although Mr. Tvedt used to be an attorney himself, the presentation of legal details is not impressive.

There is not much depth in the novel, maybe except for the relationship of Mikael Brenne with his girlfriend and his father. Other than that, the novel is pure entertainment. I am unable to discuss the quality of writing as I did not read the original; I read the novel in a translation into another language - it has not yet been translated into English.

In summary, engrossing and fast read for those who like "page turners".

Three stars.

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