Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The CallerThe Caller by Karin Fossum
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Norway's Karin Fossum is one of my most favorite authors. She writes about things that interest me, and she writes in a way that is close to perfect for my taste. I do not care much about plot, and do not need fast action. Ms. Fossum writes about Little Things That Are Important In Life, and she writes about them beautifully.

"The Caller" is another lovely, little, quiet book, where seemingly nothing much extraordinary happens for the most part. And yet, people get sick, divorce, and die, because of little things happening. "The Caller" is not a masterpiece, like "Black Seconds" or "The Indian Bride", but I still loved reading this short book. (Incidentally, why do books have to be about 400 pages long, which seems to be industry standard, if 200 pages would suffice? Business reasons, I guess.)

"The Caller" is another book in the detectives Sejer and Skarre series. I do not like series much, because at some point they become minor rewrites of the same book. But when one ignores the two detectives, Ms. Fossum's incisive, mature, and compassionate observations of people's behavior and motivations are the real value of her books. And her wonderfully simple writing.

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